How To Treat Water On The Knee

How To Treat Water On The Knee


Many people that have knee pain are afraid from removing water from knee if needed or any strong therapies. There is a simple recipe that will assist you in solving the problem.1


Ingredients needed:

  • Handful of beans
  • 1 zip lock back
  • 1 cotton towel
  • 1linen towel
  • 1 woolen towel

Method of preparation:

Put the beans in boiled water and cook for 15 minutes. Filtrate the cooked beans, and leave it to cool and place it in 1 or 2 liter zip lock bag.

In order to avoid skin burns, the beans need to be as warm as you can bear. Dont use them cold. Put the cotton towel first, second goes the linen towel and at the end put the wool towel over the beans loaded zip lock bag. Hold the towels wrapped on the through the night. If you like to achieve some amazing results, continue this method for 40 days. Share your experience with other people, someone might need this treatment.



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