10 Steps To Reverse Autoimmune Diseases

10 Steps To Reverse Autoimmune Diseases



Did you know that MS, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis are all autoimmune diseases? They are the result of a person’s body attacking itself. Over 80 million Americans suffer from these kinds of illnesses.

Modern medicine often prescribes drugs to suppress the immune system in order to fight autoimmune disease, but that just leads to more problems and not a cure. Dr. Mark Hyman has a different idea about healing. It’s called Functional Medicine and is a whole-body approach. He shared these ten steps to reversing autoimmune disease. They seek to treat the root cause of these illnesses, which is inflammation in the body. Heal the inflammation and that stops the body from attacking itself. Learn how you can heal your body by fixing the underlying cause of disease when you click the link below.


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